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Biomedical Undergraduate Research Fund (BURF)

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Biomedical Undergraduate Research Fund (BURF)

Clarion University’s Department of Biology and Geosciences is brimming with an uncommon vitality and passion to change the world. Its students and faculty have achieved amazing feats, however, with the help of concerned individuals willing to make a small sacrifice, current students can reach their fullest potential.

Compared to many other disciplines, biomedical research can be very resource demanding and new products become available every day to give researchers the power to push the boundaries of scientific knowledge. The Biomedical Undergraduate Research Fund is designed to enrich the experience of undergraduate students at Clarion University by providing access to resources and technologies characteristic of state of the art biomedical research laboratories. Donations gathered from everyday people invested in the success of America’s next generation of doctors, academics, and bioengineers will be used specifically to purchase and repair equipment common to the nanomedical, biochemical, molecular biological, and biotechnological sciences in the interest of advancing biomedical research and education.

Examples of tools which have the potential to transform the educational experience of our students include protein electrophoresis/blotting apparatuses, microfuges, densitometry software, 3D printers/extruders, microplate readers, platform shakers, sonicators and much more. Upgrade of Clarion’s deionized water supply, fluorescence microscope, and PCR capabilities can also expand the options available to student researchers of the biomedical sciences. With your help, Clarion University’s Molecular Biology/Biotechnology program can help realize these achievable goals.  

Project Protein ‘17

The goal of our first $5K fund raiser is to purchase replacement and new pieces of equipment that will be used in classroom and research applications.  These pieces will enhance our ability to teach and perform experiments to gather top-level, publishable biochemical data. We are still using the same Miniprotean systems that our first students used 20 years ago!  They are finally failing and we are in what we call “scavenger” mode.  When we updated our gel documentation computer to Windows 7, we lost the ability to analyze gels and blots with the old software. We will purchase the new software package that will be compatible with Windows 10.  Our orbital shaker also just “kicked the bucket.” And we would like to augment our abilities by adding in an isoelectric focusing unit for protein purification work that we intend to do. 

The items we wish to purchase are electrophoresis chambers (5 @ $765 each), a new isoelectric focusing unit ($1285), a gel/blot analysis software upgrade package ($1105) and new rotating shakers (2 @ $1743 each).   While our fund raiser target is $5000, the cost of all of these items is higher so your help to reach and go beyond the target would be greatly appreciated!   

  • Please help the Department of Biology and Geosciences students succeed for years to come!  
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